May in the garden

Don't you think these leaves  are so beautiful? As usual I was out walking Daisy, and they caught my eye. I suddenly remember the illustration of the beech flower fairy in the books by Cicely Mary Barker. My mum was given some by her aunties as a birthday present in 1930 and I still have them. I loved looking at these pictures as a child, and had to relook at them when I got home from our walk.

Cicely Mary Barker (1895-1973) produced 168 flower faires  illustrations between 1923 and 1948. Her sister ran a kindergarten and Mary would borrow her students for models. Her books were also published by Blackie and Son Ltd the same publisher as Beatrix Potter.
Below is one of her poems:-

  Guelder Rose
There are two little trees:
In the garden there grows
The one with the snowballs;        
All children love those!

The other small tree
Not everyone knows,
With her blossoms spread flat-
Yet they're both Guelder Rose!

But the garden Guelder has nothing
When her beautiful balls are shed:
While in Autumn her wild little sister
Bears berries of ruby red!
(Cicely Mary Barker)
We only have the flat guelder rose in our garden

I always feel sorry for plants in the shops that are reduced, and I am always drawn over to look to see if there are any I can revive and of course find a bargain! ( I'm afraid my de-cluttering and more minimalist living hasn't reached the garden yet!) This clematis was reduced to £1.99 last week, it looked very sad and bedraggled and now look at it .....

Almost the last of the tulips.
All the rain has made the garden look so green and lush.

I hope the sun comes out soon, there are so many jobs to do in the garden at this time of year!

Welcome and hello to my new follower Carolyn thank you for joining me.

 Sarah x


  1. Your garden is looking lovely and green and so well cared for!

    Thank you for the photo tips blog link - I will have a nosey at that!

  2. I have all my Flower Fairies books too, and I love the pictures. Unfortunately my books are a bit dogeared now, as I loved reading them so much when I was little.
    Your garden is gorgeous. As so many English gardens are. I had a big flower garden at my big house, but I sold it last year and moved to a much smaller place with only a tiny flower bed in the front of the house. But I go to my son's house to look after his flowers instead.
    Is the guelder rose the same as a hydrangea?

    1. No it looks very much like a hydrangea doesn't it? It a viburnum, we have quite a few in the garden as they are some wonderful plants.I love the large white flowers at this time of year and the leaves turn red in the autumn.

  3. Wow Mrs Greenfingers, that clematis is stunning! It's amazing how plants can perk up with a bit of tlc, I've had some 50p ones in the past and they survived. What a beautiful garden you have, I could potter away for hours in there. It's raining here atm (again!) x

  4. Wow you have an amazing garden! Rain, rain go away ..... Xx

  5. Hi Sarah,

    Many thanks for the welcome and was lovely to come and visit you today. Always great to go walking and you see so much more, love the pretty green leaves.
    The clematis is so beautiful and neat when you can get bargain plants and make them grow well again.

    Happy Wednesday

  6. Sarah your garden is lovely, a proper garden if you know what I mean, also love the flower fairies, my daughter loves them and we were only talking about them the other day. Hope to get back to my garden now the hens have arrived, they sort of took over a bit with their run and coop, so hubby is now back to building walls for his pond and Iam collecting old fashioned plants together. Julie xxx

  7. The leaves are a lovely shape and such a beautiful soothing green

  8. Your garden looks beautiful, full of lots of lovely colour. The flower fairies are gorgeous aren't they, I've got a book somewhere. I'm going to dig it out and have a browse!

  9. Sarah, Your garden is beautiful. What a wonderful place to relax. I hope you get to do that often. Have a wonderful day.

  10. However we may moan about the rain, there's no doubt that this Spring is lusciously green!

  11. Dear Sarah,

    You have a beautiful garden! I hope my grass will look as good as yours one day. At the moment it's covered in moss, daisies and all sorts of other plants :-)

    The rain certainly helped to make the garden look good, but I hope we will get some sun to that we can enjoy it more.

    Have a lovely evening!

    Madelief x

  12. Things are looking GORGEOUS around your house! And I just LOVE the vintage pictures with the Pixies in the garden. Adorable! I've added myself as your newest follower. I hope you can pop in and visit me sometime soon. Happy Spring!

  13. What a most charming post .. I just love it. Thank you Sarah.
    You brought back memories of the little fairy books my mum used to buy me. Sadly they got lost along the way. You have recindled my love for them. I should love to have a few of those lovely books.
    Wow.. you have done a fine job with the clemetis.. (i now know the name and the flower) mine are coming on well.
    You have a beautiful stunning garden, it reminds me of the song."how many kinds of sweet flowers grow" know the rest. I love english gardens.
    I send you some of our sunshine. Although today its hot but a little cloudy.. already need to water the plants.
    Thanks for your comments on my blog
    Happy weekend.

  14. the purple ones are simply lovely....

  15. Oh Sarah! I am so glad that I have met you! This post is a treat to eyes, heart and soul. Imagining that you still have your mum's books is wonderful and they seem to be lovely, indeed! And then your garden - I am blown away! WOW! It must be a lot of work but it's gorgeous! And then your heart for the poor plants - that's so nice and it distinguishes you! Have a wonderful day - I hope the sun comes out for you and your lovely plants! Christa

  16. O yes in the month of May the shades of green are wonderful!
    Love your garden images!

    ♥ Franka

  17. Your garden looks beautiful Sarah, all this rain and our garden seems to be sprouting nettles everywhere!! :(
    It's nice to be reminded of the flower fairies, I remember the pictures from when I was a child.
    Jay x


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