Feeding the birds

Sunrise taken from the bedroom window

We took some old wooden fencing down to the local waste disposal site yesterday. Although it was bitterly cold we made a sudden decision to stop for a short walk around part of the adjoining RSPB bird sanctuary, parts of which had completely frozen over.

RSPB Bird sanctuary at Lodmoor

I wished we had taken some bread with us as the ducks came flying across as soon as they saw us. They skidded on the ice, as they came to a swift landing, but unfortunately didn't get anything for their effort!


 Our birds in the garden have been eating the bird seed and it has been going down rapidly in this cold weather.

 Today it was much milder and there was a low spring tide, so the tide was well out. I'm afraid there aren't many photos of the sea this week -  I took a video of the waves and used up all the camera battery, much to my OH's disgust !

   There was the strong smell of sea weed ............

I hope you have also had a good weekend and enjoyed the snow if you had some!

 Please don't forget the birds in this cold snap and keep warm and cosy.


  1. awww poor duckies...
    We went camping! and it snowed! haha!!

  2. Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so jealous of you living by the sea. It's been my dream for years. Your photos are lovely, very evocative. xx

  3. Poor old ducks! We have food out but haven't had enough bad weather for the birds to take much, which is a shame as I love having birds flocking into the feeders....maybe they'll need it in the next week or two. No snow up here, considering moving south to ensure we get some! Juliex

  4. Thank you for your visit and comment on my Blog. You have beautiful photos on your blog. I just love your little Daisy, too adorable.

  5. Looks very much like my native Pacific Northwest beaches. Thanks for the comments on our blog!


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