Our cat Twinkle

It has suddenly occured to me that I have not mentioned our cat Twinkle so I thought I would dedicate the whole of this post to her!

I come from a family of dog lovers and my OH had a cat and tortoise as a child. When the children were young (7 and 5) they were very frightened of cats and so we decided to get one to combat the fear. We were very lucky to get a beautiful gentle cat from the Cats Protection League.

 After he died we did not want to get another cat as it felt as if we were replacing him! We suddenly started to notice a little cat coming into our garden and we nicknamed her Twinkle as she kept appearing just like a star!

One afternoon she appeared in the garden and her eye was injured, we rushed her to the vets and they managed to sort her out. We brought her home and knocked on doors all around the neighbourhood and put posters up, but although other neighbours had seen her no one claimed her.As she had come to us for help we decided to keep her!

We think she must have been mistreated as she is very frightened of men especially if they come in the house and she doesn't know them, even now after living with us for five years. We often wonder what must have happened to her and how people can be so horrible to mistreat animals.

We may not appreciate her gifts of mice but life is that much more special having her around.


  1. twinkle is cute! We had a cat and a dog, our dog died when he was 8 and Grubby (the cat...i know) was never the same after that, he would go around the house meowing and became really affectionate. He died about a year later, i just came home one day and found him. shocked the life out of me! I miss having pets but i do dogwalking for 2 people which means i get the best of both worlds without the vet bill! :)

  2. What a sweet looking cat twinkle is. She reminds me of a cat my husband and I used to have more than twenty years ago. She had the same 'look' as your Twinkle.

    Happy weekend!

    Madelief x

  3. What a gorgeous pretty cat! from another cat-lover. Lizzie


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