Taking the wrong turn

We have both been on leave some of this week and have been meeting up with siblings and redecorating our daughter's room, which is taking a long time!

We decided today to have a break from this, and one of us remembered a lovely walk we had seen in Devon Life magazine. This was at Budleigh Salterton in Devon, (where we had never been before), so we got out instructions for the walk and set off. There was a wonderful light over the sea when we arrived and as usual I had to stop to take some photos.

The planned walk was a stroll around the Otter estuary in a loop and as we walked along we enjoyed the views across the estuary.

When we reached a bridge, I spied a sign to a farm shop, so we just had to take a detour and look what we found!

I love alpacas, their colours matched the chickens!

The farm shop was in a beautiful setting and we didn't leave there empty handed! We retraced our steps and walked on the other side of the estuary. When we came to the end of headland we discovered we had come the wrong way as there was no way we could cross over the water without rock climbing or swimming - neither of which either of us excel in!

To far down!!

We decided instead to stop for an impromptu picnic -  first one of the year ( it was just as well we had been to the farm shop) and admire the view instead before retracing our steps!

Good local food from Devon
Spectacular views

There were wonderful reflections in the water of the walkers.

We both agreed it was a good mistake to have made and the good news is that we got back to the car with a minute to spare and still have the rest of the walk to do another time!

Not another walk please !

Do you often get lost on walks too, or is it just me! I tell my OH and children it's always an adventure when they come out with me!

Have a good weekend and hope you don't take any wrong paths too!

Sarah x


  1. Managed to get lost in a marshy area near Studland once - murky pools and heather. Round and round. Escaped eventually.

  2. I routinely get lost, its part of the fun! Lovely walk and those alpacas are so cute!

  3. Budleigh Salterton was one of the first places we visited when we bought our touring van a couple of years ago, but I don't remember the view you found, so I think another visit is calling!
    We never get lost but always end up taking an impromptu diversion as we call it! it adds to the days adventure as you said.
    Lovely pictures, thanks for taking up along with you on your walk. Jo

  4. I've walked that walk, on our last holiday in Devon, some years ago now, and kinda wish we had got lost as those views in your photographs are lovely. I don't remember a farm shop, maybe it wasn't there then, something else to regret as that pie looks scrumptious :D

  5. haha love the alpacas - from the angle of the photo it looks like they are kissing!!

  6. I have just found your lovely blog via Leanne`s. Beautiful photographs, especially the seascapes. We are just along the coast in the New Forest, but love visiting the Dorset coast when we can.

  7. Hi just found your lovely blog via Dartford Warbler, I to live in Dorset on the coast, love your photos, Budleigh Salterton is a great place, we once had a crab sandwich there, many years ago before we moved to Dorset, must try and get back soon. Its great when you get lost, you see lots of new things! Will be following your blog. Julie xxx

  8. What a lovely walk. Nothing like the sea air to clear the cobwebs! Wish we could get out and about more, but Lottie hates the car :( xx


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