Vintage treasures

One lunch hour this week I was going to the country-store on the industrial estate where I occasionaly buy dog food for Daisy. My eye was suddenly caught by a sign to the Dorchester Curiosity Centre and I just had to go and look.

It is a huge warehouse with lots of hidden corners with many traders selling all sorts of things! It was just like an Aladdin's cave!

Such a lovely collection of cages!

French chic

Such a beautiful display!

Look at all those moulds!

I'm always attracted to old kitchen utensils!

Beautiful cards and home made notices

 I love old cookery and travel books.

A selection of vintage fabric including an old welsh shawl
I had such a wonderful time looking around and hardly had any time to go across the road to get the dog food!  Now I have found it I will be spending many more lunch hours down here!! If you are ever around Dorchester I would recommend a look. It is open 7 days a week and serves tea and coffee as well as wonderful home-made cakes and soup, all served on vintage china!

I recently won a giveaway over on one of my favourite blogs Sal's snippets! and this is what I won.

Sal specialises in vintage material and she gave me a wonderful selection of this (the photo doesn't do it justice), some very pretty labels and a beautiful lavender bag with a crochet flower.

I will have to get creative, so watch this space! Thanks again Sal for such a lovely gift.


  1. Wow, what a treasure trove- looks amazing!!

  2. wow, that looks like my kind of shop! I would love a space in a shop like that, it would be like having a shop but probably cheaper rent!

  3. vintage items to feast the eyes and food for your tum! How great is that all under one roof! I can see why you'd want to go back!
    NB Liked your previous post about Twinkle!

  4. Wowzers Trousers what a place THANK GOD I live too far away to visit I would surely be bankrupt! Love all your images, what an eclectic mix of goodies. Congratulations on winning Sal's lovely snippets!

    Sarah -x-


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