Sunshine and signs of spring in the garden

What a beautiful day, I was going to write a post to join in the making Winter blog but somehow it didn't seem appropriate today!

It was wonderful to get out in the garden, enjoy the sunshine and do some work!

Pulmonarias are such easy plants and seed everywhere.

Daisy and Twinkle love us being out in the garden with them.

Old barbecue recycled! 

There is something strange in here!

 Our first camellia in flower.In the New Forest they already had blooms at the beginning of the year!

Most of the garden is still wearing it's winter coat.

 I hope you had a chance to enjoy the sunshine too. We noticed people enjoying ice-creams and even sunbathing this afternoon in Weymouth!


  1. What lovely pictures. Spring is definitely showing herself in your garden!

  2. What spectacular photos - love the one of your dog admiring her own reflection! What a gorgeous photo of Twinkle too! It has felt remarkably springlike here today too!

  3. What beautiful photos, love the cat in the tree one :-)

  4. it's been lovely here today but i stayed in as not feeling great :( YOur doggie is soooo cute!

  5. Thank you Sarah for your nice comment. Just a beautiful posting of your garden and your adorable Daisy and twinkle. Love the shade of colors you have in your garden. Have a wonderful day.

  6. It was decidedly grey in Portreath today and we're both full of colds so I'm afraid it was an afternoon of sport on the tv for us. Very jealous of your lovely garden - it looks full of colour.

  7. What great photos, furry friends enjoying themselves. We had a walk over to Pymore and stopped for a coffee at Washingpool Farm in the lovely warm sunshine, the kind lady at the cafe brought our doggy a big bowl of warter. Julie xxx

  8. We have had some beautiful sun too although it is cloudy and damp today. I love the photo of your cat in the tree. Juliex

  9. Fabulous photos Sarah ... what camera do you use? Daisy is just adorable, she reminds me of my little white dog (mine is a Maltese though). Jules x

  10. I use 2 cameras my OH has just bought a new one which we are still getting used to and is a Samsung WB690, the pictures above were taken with this. The majority of the other photos are taken with an old Fuji Fine Pix we have had for years!


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