From office to beach

I finished work early, and within half an hour I was walking Daisy on the beach and what a contrast between the two locations! It's so wonderful to live so close to the sea!

There was still a low spring tide and the beach was deserted apart from a few dog walkers and seagulls.

 It's hard to believe that in the summer sometimes it is so packed that you can't see much sand!

After doing some shopping the sun was beginning to set over Radipole bird reserve. Since I have started my blog my camera seems to have found a new permanent home in my handbag, previously I would have just admired the view and gone on my way!

Thank you everyone so much for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments. I can't believe in such a short time I have already had almost 600 views, and it has been wonderful to correspond with you especially those from other countries.

I follow quite a few blogs but for some reason I can't get most of them to appear on my front page so if you are interested please look at my profile and if any fellow bloggers know any way to rectify this please let me know.

We have a busy weekend ahead so hope you all have a great weekend!

Sarah x


  1. I too carry my camera all the time, it's amazing what some people take for granted, that a blogger would stop to photograph, you sudden start to appreciate everythig around you in a whole new way. Your pictures are fantastic, keep up the good work. Jo x

  2. Hi Sarah,

    What a beautiful walk you made. It all looks so quiet and peaceful. I know exactly what you mean with your camera. It's the same with me :-)!

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  3. wonderful coastline images, delightful blog x

  4. Such lovely images and Daisy is gorgeous, I have always wanted a Westie! :) xo K

  5. If you go to the layout page for your blog, and click 'Edit' in the rectangle where your blog list is, you can set how many blogs from your follow list show there - whether you want snippets of their text / pictures etc.. I think 25 is the maximum if you do it that way. However, you could also create a list (click on 'add a gadget' and find it in the option there). Doing it that way, you can have as many links as you like in your sidebar. The difference is that they are static, they don't update as they are published.

    Thanks for following Loose and Leafy!

    Are you tempted to join in with 'Following a Tree'?


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