A grand day out in Dorset

It was my birthday this weekend. I had asked my OH for some tulips and what a surprise to find three beautiful bunches already in vases on the dining table when I came downstairs! Unfortunately the children weren't able to come home, but I talked to them over the phone. I was very lucky and had some wonderful presents.

The weekend would not be complete without a visit to the sea and this time we went to the Chesil Beach, which is a pebble beach stretching 18 miles (28km) from Portland to West Bay. For over half of this length it is separated from the mainland by a lagoon known as the Fleet.

The Chesil  Beach looking towards Portland

The waves looked huge, but don't look very big here !

I love the way the sea and sky combine.

The pebbles vary in size along the length of the beach. At Portland they are the size of your fist and at West Bay (near Bridport) they are the size of a pea. By the time you get to Abbotsbury they are already quite small. Rumour has it that there are over 180 billion pebbles I wouldn't want to count them!

We stopped in Abbotsbury to buy some food as the local shops are good, and supply local produce.

We also visited Compton Valence which is famous for it's snowdrops, that line each side of the narrow road, and give the impression of banks of snow. It was beautiful, despite the start of a rain shower.

Finally we ended up at a lovely traditional Dorset pub, full of locals and excellent home cooked food.

 I hope you had a good weekend too!
Sarah x


  1. My type of weekend - a trip to the sea and then to the pub to sit in front of the fire! I love the Swannery at Abbotsbury and seeing the cygnets!

  2. how lovely :) i need to take my camera to the beach sometime. That pub looks right up my street!

  3. Happy birthday to you Sarah! What a beautiful present you husband gave you. I love tulips too.

    I enjoyed seeing your photo's of the beach and the village. It's so typically English. That's one of the reasons we enjoy visiting :-)

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  4. Happy Birthday! And what beautiful photos too.

  5. Lovely pictures of Chesil Beach! My sister lives down there too ... Lovely part of the world. Jules x

  6. What a lovely birthday walk. I've heard of Chesil Beach but don't think I've seen photos before, it is beautiful. You do live in a lovely area. Juliex

  7. It's a lovely post this - and the photos of Chesil beach are tremendous. Being car-less, it's a while since I've walked along that middle section. Wonderful place to be - and I suspect hardly anyone in the world knows about it.

  8. Love your blog! I read that book On Chesil Beach, which was sad, but the surroundings and the photographs you have taken are beautiful, look forward to visiting again soon, greetings from ireland:~)


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